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Is OAN As Good As CNN?

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In the 1990s, Roger Ailes suggested that the United States create a conservative news network. Today, it is clear why he was so successful. The network aired conservative news stories and even had its own Infomercial channel. In an attempt to create a competitor for CNN, Ailes sold Infomercial time to MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell. And it sparked a threatening letter to a government official. But is OAN as good as CNN?

OAN’s influence on Trump

The OAN’s popularity and content have been attributed to its coverage of the presidential race. According to industry research firm Comscore, OAN has been viewed by at least 34.5 million households. Its content is also believed to be influential on the election, and many of Trump’s supporters have read its posts. But this is far from proof of the network’s influence. A look at the network’s ratings shows that it is not a top-rated cable news network, but rather a low-rated cable news channel.

The OAN is a microcosm of the far-right media that has dominated political coverage in the past four years. The stories it posts can read like conspiracy theories, disinformation, or even propaganda from the White House. The fact is that OAN was founded by a billionaire who built his fortune as a circuit board manufacturer and cashed out two companies for $122 million in 2000. The network is also home to several other controversial conservative channels, such as WealthTV.

OAN’s newscasts have been a lifeline for the President, answering questions he finds acceptable. It is also a savior when faced with unfavorable headlines. The OAN also pushed disinformation about the Democratic Party, and the President himself praised the newscast’s reporting style. While OAN’s audience pales in comparison to other cable news channels, the influence it has on Trump’s presidency cannot be denied.

The influence of OAN on Trump is hard to overestimate, but the media giant has made a colossal mistake: it was too easy to believe that Herring’s alleged pro-Trump bias was a genuine effort to promote Trump. He even banned the network from making money off its YouTube channel. As a result, he has become increasingly involved in OAN’s direction and content.

OAN’s financial records

The media outlet One America News (OAN) has a questionable financial history. Reports have claimed that the network was funded by AT&T. The company owns CNN and other media properties. A Reuters investigation found that AT&T executives suggested the network’s creation. But AT&T resisted the company’s attempt to buy a five percent stake in the network. It’s estimated that 90 percent of One America News’ revenue comes from AT&T subsidiaries such as DirecTV.

OAN’s financial records show that 90% of the network’s revenue comes from deals with AT&T, which owns satellite broadcaster DirecTV. Its accountant testified under oath that without the DirecTV deal, the network’s value would be zero. The company acquired DirecTV in 2015 and spun it off in August, maintaining a 70% stake in the new independent-managed company. While the company’s financial records aren’t public, the network’s reputation has taken a hit since the network started hosting white supremacist guests and spreading misinformation.

At first, Rodney Diggs questioned Charles Herring about the company’s finances. Soon after OAN’s launch, AT&T made an oral offer to purchase a 5% stake. The two companies signed non-disclosure agreements, and a few months later, AT&T executives visited Herring’s headquarters in San Diego. During this time, the two companies discussed the possibility of acquiring OAN.

According to the Washington Post, the Herring family has a long history of contributing to Democrats and conservative candidates. Charles Herring contributed to Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign. However, he has stated that he supported Barack Obama in the election. OAN’s financial records also reveal the family’s involvement in the 2008 presidential election. The network was particularly attractive to aspiring journalists fresh out of college because it allowed them to skip the traditional step of working in the hinterlands and jump directly into work on big national stories.

Infomercial time sold to MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell

The company has spent millions of dollars in recent years on infomercials, but that budget is running low. The cost of air time has risen and younger generations don’t watch TV, making infomercials less effective than they once were. And the companies that use infomercials have limited targeting options, as they can only choose which networks they want to air their ads on. And because of the controversy surrounding MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, he may have trouble striking deals with networks. In fact, he has already cut ties with retailers, which are not necessarily interested in buying his product.

MyPillow was operating out of a bus garage in Minnesota when it was bought by Trump in 2011. Its sales soared, and the company boasted 40 employees. But while it was growing quickly, it was not without controversy. In 2011, Lindell and Trump sat in an uncomfortable chair and recorded an infomercial that was later posted on his website. Afterward, he included a promotional code and posted the video on his website.

The ad ended a two-month-long tiff with Fox News. It aired on “America Reports” in the midday slot. The newscast is known for discussing “cancel culture,” and the ad was part of a segment on the network that features the topic. Lindell also used the ad to promote his bestselling book “The Truth About TV” and his pillow brand.

The controversial ad caused a ruckus on Twitter after Trump’s election. It included an image of a Trump rally with the company’s logo on it. Twitter reacted in kind, labeling it as disputed. Lindell also made political statements about voting machines, promoting conspiracy theories and Trump’s alleged voter fraud. However, despite the controversy, the company’s CEO is still holding out hope that he will win the election.

OAN’s relationship with DIRECTV

OAN has been dropped from DIRECTV STREAM and the satellite lineup. The company’s relationship with the network has been tangled since last fall when a Reuters investigation revealed that the idea for OAN was originally conceived by AT&T executives. At the time the show aired, AT&T owned DIRECTV and WarnerMedia, which has since merged with Discovery. But what exactly did AT&T get from the deal?

The network’s business relationship with DirecTV is also a point of contention. Despite the network’s relationship with DirecTV, OAN has aired conspiracy theories and misinformation on COVID-19, as well as the 2020 election. While critics have called for the network to drop OAN, DirecTV’s spokesperson has declined to comment on the issue. The company has rebuffed numerous requests for comment and will continue to stand behind its decisions.

OAN’s relationship with DirecTV could be further complicated. While the company does not break down subscriber numbers, its financial relationship with OAN is far more complicated. In fact, if DirecTV drops the network, the company will lose over $1 billion of revenue. That’s enough to make any company slam DirecTV for excluding the nonprofit network from its service.

AT&T is the majority owner of DirecTV, and as such has a financial interest in the network. The deal with AT&T, which owned Herring Networks, gave OAN a significant boost in revenue. A majority of OAN’s revenue, according to its accountant, comes from AT&T’s television platforms. AT&T also helped to create OAN and entered into an advertising deal with the nonprofit network.


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